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Goal: To find every Classmate prior to our 50th Class Reunion.

If you are computer savvy or know how to use a telephone and want to help find classmates, send me an email and I will assign you a classmate or two to find from The Missing List. That way we won't be duplicating effort and it won't be such a big job for any one individual. We already have over half of our classmates. What we need now is the other half.

Ways to find classmates

  • Internet people search
  • Friends, relatives and old neighbors
  • Classmates in different years they associated with
  • Letters to last known address
  • Call information at the last know city
  • Internet property ownership search
  • Internet reunion sites and classmate sites

We will help you get started, just send me an email cwroyal@cox.net . Five years will go very fast! Join us in playing detective. Help us find as many classmates as possible. This can be an exciting adventure for all of us.

If you have pictures of when you attended Arvin High School and would like to share them, you can scan them and email a digital copy to us or mail them to us and we will scan them, return the pictures to you and email you a digital copy. Free of charge, of course. Please give us names of the people in the photos if you know them. If not, maybe someone else will recognize them when we post the pictures on the website.

You can also help by sending us a short biography on yourself. Where you've been, what you have done and what you are doing. A current photo would also be nice. That way we could do then and now and let's not forget your spouse.

One last thing, if you know where any other classmates live, let us know or let them know about this website. They do not have to be class graduates. I almost didn't graduate myself. If you want to know the ones we are looking for, go to You can Help/The Missing.