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Like most of us.  When we graduated we were going to change the world. I have not walked on the moon or have found a cure for disease.   I have led a rather boring life. I married in 1961 had 2 children.  12 years later he expired .   I went thru the nursing program ay B.C becoming a L.V.N    For many years I worked in Doctors Offices .  I have always enjoyed working with the elderly .  So much knowledge . It was a pleasure working with them.  Then I started training nursing assistants to get them certified by the state.   I married a long time friend.  We have been married 39 years .   We had a trucking business.  He has since retired.    We do craft fairs .  He likes to make thing out of wood.  So I do the painting and detail work .   I can and freeze . Have not bought a jar of jelly in years.   I also volunteer.  2 times a month at the senior sack and 1 time a month the commodity give away.   Now I am taking care of my 94 year old mother who insists on being independent.  That is my life in a nutshell .