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                                       CAROL WINTER MANSON


Late one afternoon on March 19, 1942, I was born into the family of Paul and Nina Winter in the small town of Lamont, California.  My Father was founder and pastor of a new church; it is quite a coincidence that I was born on the first scheduled service.

From 1948-1949, I attended the first and second grades at a Christian school, which was an extension of the church. I attended Lamont Elementary School from the third grade through fifth; Mountain View from the sixth through eighth grades, and Arvin High School from the ninth through twelfth grades. I also attended night classes at BC while working.

After graduation, my first job was at Calcot, Ltd., for one season. From 1960 to 1968, I was employed at Bank of America, Arvin; then, to Community First Bank, Bakersfield, from 1968-1974.  After being involved in two bank robberies, I decided it was time to change careers, so in 1974, I started working for the Lamont Public Utility District as District Secretary.  In 1988, I went to work for the County of Kern, Bakersfield, California, and worked in several departments. 

On March 14, 1994, I transferred to the Department of Airports where I worked as Executive Secretary until I retired in March of 2008. Under the directorship of Ray Bishop, my boss, the Airports team was instrumental in the planning and building of a new Meadows Field (BFL) Airport Passenger Terminal. I recall when we were hosting a gala event for the opening of the new terminal, I was greeting the attendees, and I heard a gentlemen say, “Oh, Carol, I’m so glad we found you.”  To my delightful surprise, it was Gene Lundquist, and he proceeded to tell me about the 1960 class reunion in 2010.

In my teens, attending a youth camp at Paradise, California, I met my husband, Vern Manson.  We were married on December 14, 1968.  I lived and attended church in Lamont from 1942 through 2005. The last ten years, I was the primary caregiver for my ailing parents.  In 2005, I moved to Bakersfield and started attending the Bakersfield First Assembly of God church and am involved in the music department.  Currently, I am the coordinator of a team that goes every Wednesday to the nursing homes and conducts services. We sing the old gospel hymns; I play the piano, and my brother, Bob, plays the trombone; it is so rewarding just to see smiles of the elderly.  I began playing the Hammond B-3 organ when I was 13 years old, and am still playing.  In 1996, I recorded an instrumental (organ/piano) gospel CD; this was a tribute to my parents who encouraged me with my music.

My travels include a trip to Hawaii, a cruise to Alaska, Mexico, and visiting various cities in the USA.

Vern and I have no children, just "fur kids" (toy poodles), which we have given a lot of affection.  We also have family, which includes nieces and nephews that gives us real joy.

My life is truly blessed with a great family, friends, and church.